Mr. Hyde Mr. Hyde

(Chorus) (G,C,A7,D, G,C,D,G)
Mr. Hyde, Mr. Hyde will you teach me to ride. Will you show my some tricks that you know?
My hats off to you, my respect runs so true, when you carry the red, white, and blue.

Verse (G,C,D,D7,G)
I've got a story to tell you. Take a seat cuz it's long. For it speaks of a cowboy 91 and still strong.
Born in the time of the First World War, drove out from Missouri in a Model A Ford.
You might wonder a bit what's made him so tough, a whole lot of hard work and playing real rough.
Youngest of three brothers, working hard for no pay, rode pigs, mules, then horses, school nine miles one way.


Maybe this cowboy is a lot like a cat, seems to have nine lives hidden under his hat.
Survived a Copper Head snake bite, a crushed left arm, a ripped open leg from an old saddle horn.
A few years ago on a catty young mare, hit his head real hard, when she jumped through the air.
In his 89th year, almost the end of his race, tractor drag landed on his head, broke every bone in his face.
He held many a record on "Susie in Red". That horse is an outlaw, don't ride her they said.


He taught many generations how to play fair and win. A real good grandpa, fixen toys when they're broken.
It's not a cowboy story, without true romance. He's got a love named Clara, met her at a big band dance.
She stands beside him, a real beauty on his arm. If love keeps you alive, then she's his lucky charm.

(Chorus) short yodel ending (G,C,G,D,G)

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