Tony Shiro

I find it very difficult to sum up the person that was/is my hero for 43 years. Maybe you can find the words and share them with the rest of us by checking out his guest book . Please go here and leave your thoughts on this incredible mans life.

One attempt to sum up his achievements was his obituary . All the facts are there, but it doesn't include his spirit, humor, or generosity ,which is why it is so important for you to add the human touch in the guest book .

As I get more time this week I will add some pictures and video of Tony, starting with the wonderful 90th birthday party we had for him in Loomis. In the mean time you can take a look at what we pulled off for his 85th birthday. Feel free to down load and share any of these photos. Also in the name of sharing you can email or snail mail any photos you have to me through P.O. box 493, Coloma, CA 95613.

There is a gallery of photos from his 90th birthday party that I took.
Adevia took a ton of photos at his 90th birthday party.
During his birthday, we had a slide show playing made up mostly of some old photos Felicia scanned.